Way too long…

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You know it’s bad when I start getting nasty emails saying to update my blog! Sorrrrrrrrryyyyy! I’ve been a little busy, you know?! In fact, I’ve been busy enough that I dont even know where to start. So..I guess I’m just going to add a few from the past couple of months!












Make Way for Ducklings coming this weekend!

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If  you’ve thought about making your appointment but haven’t, don’t wait any longer! The ducklings are here and ready for their picture with your little, or not so little, loved one!!

Sessions are $25 and are 15 minutes. Sorry, no time for clothing changes! Make your appointment by Wednesday and $10 of your session fee will be a print credit! Special pricing and products will be available. Ducklings will be going to the pond to regroup, relax and enjoy life on Saturday afternoon, so don’t wait to make your appointment! Call the studio at 989.720.0658 or email at maureen@maureenhartsonphotography.com










Also, we’ve made an appearance on Facebook! If you like to hang out there, look for Maureen Hartson Photography’s page and become a fan to keep updated on any specials and important information you might like to know!

Senior Reps…our 2010 “Crew”!

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Do you know a 2010 senior who loves the camera, loves our work, and would love to make some spending money this summer? Send them our way! It’s time for us to choose our “Crew” for our upcoming senior season.

We are now accepting “applications” for any school within 1 1/2 hours drive.  Of course, the big question is What do I get?!?!?

First, each senior rep is given at least 2 free sessions. Their indoor session will be done as soon as we can agree on a date and thier outdoor session will be done in early summer.  Then of course they will receive their rep cards to start handing out before school gets out. When someone they refer comes in with their referral card they’ll earn $10 and their friend will earn 8 free wallets.

To be accepted in the program they will have to provide 30 valid names and addresses of people who would like or may like to have their senior pictures done with us.  For every name they turn in over 30, they will receive a dollar.  So if they turn in 100 names, they would receive $70 ($1 for every address over 30). We will send a postcard to the names on their list offering a discount for booking with us. If from that list..20 people booked with us, they would receive $200 ($10 per referral). In addition to their free sessions, free cards, and the opportunity to earn cash they will be given a fantastic deal on their print orders. If 10 people come to us as their referral, they’ll receive $200 off of our top package. If 20 come in, they’ll receive $500 off and if they send in 30, they’ll receive our largest package free!

I’m very excited about our progam. We have tweaked it over the years, and we are continually adding to it as well as trying to make it easy for our “Crew” to be successful in the program. This year our focus is on getting the names and addresses from our reps and then we will help them to get those kids in as referrals by giving them special discounts. If you think you, your senior or an upcoming senior you know would benefit from this program or would just enjoy the extra sessions as well as being our model for the year then send them to this blog and have them contact me! Grand Blanc, Saginaw, Burton, Flint, Swartz Creek, Durand, Owosso, Byron, Corunna, Davison,  Ovid Elsie, Perry, Laingsburg, Lansing and so many other schools..yes we are accepting your schools!! Once I have as many as I can handle, I will cut off the opportunity. We can’t select members from every school, so it’s important to get in touch with me quickly as these opportunities go fast!!!

If they are interested, have them drop me an email to maureen@maureenhartsonphotography.com In their email have them answer the following questions:

1. Name/Address/School

2. What sports/hobbies/activities are you involved in?

3. Do you have any friends that I have photographed?

4. Do you have a Facebook? If so, can I be your friend?!

5. Why do you think you should be chosen as a Crew member of Maureen Hartson Photography?

Enjoy the weekend and here’s to a GREAT 2010 Senior Year!!


They’re coming!!!

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Baby ducks are on their way! Actually…they haven’t even been born yet! But they are planning a special arrival at our studio just for our Spring/Easter sessions! Our mini sessions are $25 for one child and $10 for each additional child. 5-6 images per child will be taken (sorry, no clothing changes!). Special print pricing will be availabe for prints as well as small packages and storyboards. No group sessions, each mini session will be with one child and the ducklings. Children must be able to sit on their own.  Our baby ducks will be ready to get their pictures taken on Friday, April 3rd and Saturday April 4th. Dont’ miss what is going to be an adorable Limited Edition! Remember if you are part of our Beautiful Child program, no session fee for you! Also call early for the best appointment times! 989.720.9658

Check back next week as we get ready to roll out our Senior Rep Program. It’s that time! We are also still accepting members to our Beautiful Baby and Beautiful Child programs.  Call the studio for more information! 989.720.9658

Been too long!

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We’ve been busy though! No news means things are moving over here! We’ve been having alot of fun with our baby planners and introducing our new Beautiful Child program! If you’ve been meaning to get more information or enroll your child, let me encourage you to do so! Our senior season is just around the corner and it our calendar will be filled quickly! A child’s birthday, a family session, a spring shoot..all those are sessions that could be free and could be recorded in the Beautiful Child series!  Call 989.720.9658 for details!

We are still offering our free maternity sessions while we have time. Even though they are free, you need to book your appointment in advance to ensure availablity when you are around 34 weeks! Maternity, newborn and baby planners all make wonderful gifts for baby showers. We can also set up a registry so guests can each contribute to a collective gift certificate.

With our senior sessions coming up quickly, we will be bringing details how to save on your session fees soon. Dont forget to check back regularly! Here a few pics from some recent sessions to enjoy!

I love the lifestyle ones. When I go into a family session, or a session on location, I go in with absolutely no expectations. I have no idea what I”m going to get. I have no ideas if I’ll get anything! We are at the mercy of the children! Not only that, but I’ve found that if I go into a session with an agenda, it is likely I’ll leave disappointed. My experience has taught me to just go and enjoy the day, watch from behind my camera and let the personalities and images come without alot of manipulation by me! It doesnt do much good to try and get a child to sit who wants to jump! So let them jump! Let them play, let the family be a family. The result is that your pictures..are you. Not manipulated, not copied, not posed..just you. Here is Angela’s beautiful family, just being a family!img_2533




I love when I get to come back to a home I’ve shot in and have another session. I love seeing the things that are the same as well as the things that are different. I did Leah’s newborn pictures 3 years ago as well as her birthday pictures! Now it was time for Kai to have his session! So many things I loved about these pics, I’ll just share a few of my favorites!


Everyone who’s had a session with me knows just what Leah is looking at…the frog in my camera! That frog has followed me everywhere!



I adore this! Look at Leah’s face! She is cracking up because she thinks her momma kissed his butt!!



And then this one..he’s so tiny, the light is beautiful and soft..I love it! Thank you Justina for letting me into your family’s day!!



Lots and lots of new stuff….

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I have a much needed administration and get caught up week so thought I’d make it a priority to get some updates for you! Our newsletter went out and if you did not receive one, and would like to,  just drop me an email and I’ll send it out to you and get you on the list!

We have 2 Limited Editions for the month of February. The first one is for our Cupid Cuties and is for the dates of February 12th and 13th. Limited Edition. Our Limited Editions are a special “themed” set, a mini session, and receive special pricing. We offer them only once a year so if you like it, you need to plan for it! Our Cupid Cutie! is a mini session of about 15 minutes of your little girl (or boy if you dont mind pink wings!!) with our gorgeous, pink, cupid wings. Sessions are $65 with $35 being a print credit. Packages start at $65. Special pricing and packages are given for our LE’s. Age recommendations are 6 months (IF sitting) to 2 years. We provide the tutus, halo and wings! No clothing changes are available and no additional subjects are allowed for this Edition. if you have more children that you would liked photographed with this session you will need to purchase an additional sitting and package. Our wings are custom designed and special order, and only one set has come in! Next year we will be able to accomodate a small group of little Cupids! Call for appointment, when full Cupid will be closed for the year!! 989.720.9658


img_2180Of course we have something for the our little gentlemen! If he is still that cuddly little boy..then you will love our Teddy Bear Parade! Although the initial plan had been to use this for just our little boys, I found when used with a tutu and a little pink flower..it’s adorable for the cuddly girls as well! If you can still hug and squeeze that baby..then take advantage of this Limited Edition! The dates are February 26th and 27th. Call early for your appointment. Sessions are $65 with $35 going for a print credit. No siblings or little friends in this one as we only have one hat! Also, this session is recommended for ages 6 months to 2 years. Your child MUST be able to sit on their own. Mind you they don’t have to sit well..you can put your arm behind him/her to keep them steady! Call or email for an appointment at 989.720.9658 and maureen@maureenhartsonphotography.com





I love our Beautiful Baby Program. 4 sessions throughout your babies first year (sometimes if they start a little late, we’ll extend to 18 months). We catch all the milestones, sitting, crawling, climbing up and finally the Birthday! At each age we showcase their growth. My favorite lately is around the 6 month old babies! Our showcase for that age is their sitting on their own. If they’re not quite sitting, we give them a few weeks and then they don’t do too bad! We also showcase their special relationship with mom or dad. It’s a wonderful time to capture..they change so fast! The Beautiful Baby program gives special pricing and special products specifically for our baby planners.
As great as it is..I hated not seeing those babies once they “graduated” from the plan. I know how important it is to capture them through their early childhood years, but I also know, especially in this economy, how tough it would be to pay for full sessions. Those thoughts led to the planning and creating of our Beautiful Child plan. Designed for ages 1 (or 18 months if coming out of the baby plan) and up. The plan includes a 20, 30 or 40 page album that we add 2 pages to each time you come in. If you come in twice a year (birthday and maybe Christmas, or summer..or Limited Edition) then it would take 5 years of documenting your ever changing child to fill your album. Here’s the great part..you will never pay for a session! You pay for your album, and then you can come in for any sessions, anytime of the year with no session fees. With that you will also receive preferred pricing and preferred scheduling and EACH time you come in, you’ll fill a spread in your Beautiful Child album! Albums start at $525 and only require a $375 deposit to enroll in the plan. You’ll then be billed $50 a month until your album is paid for. It’s a fantastic plan that I’m thrilled to offer. We encourage each child to have their own album, (that way when they are grown, they’ll each have their own!) but if that is not practical for your family, we certainly have the option to add a sibling or family member into their sessions! Just think of it…5 years (or until your album is full) of free sessions, preferred pricing, and an album that fills as your child changes and grows! If you are interested, give me a call or email for complete details and to take advantage of the new Limited Editions coming up! 989.720.9658 or maureen@maureenhartsonphotography.com






Ok…I need to give you an update on our Behind Closed Doors sessions. I had HOPED to have everything ready to go so we could shoot in January and have everything ready for Valentine’s Day. However, it all took a little longer to get together than I had expected. We are finally ready to begin offering these “hot momma” parties! Our Behind Closed Door parties are for married women to get that chance to feel beautiful, sexy and have a product when it’s over to give to their husbands. Whether it be for Father’s Day (if your hubby is a daddy..don’t let him forget you are NOT only a mommy!), a birthday, an anniversary or just a really cool, really sexy surprise, you will want to plan ahead for these. Some of the products are custom and involve special orders, so this is not likely something you can do at the last minute. I am here to help you, give advice and to guide you through a fantastic experience! It takes one Hostess who carefully chooses her favorite married sisters and friends. She mails out the provided invitations, gets her clothing together  and the rest is done by us! She can earn money to spend on her own product. We provide the setting by closing the studio down for  your private party, provide hor’ duerves, a couple great sets and how can it NOT be great when it is a total Girls Night!!! If you are interested, email me and I will send you information!!


A few to look at…

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It’s becoming abundantly clear that I will not be able to blog every session I do.  So, I guess it’s just going to be some from here and there! I have so many favorites..I wish I could share them all! But just for sake of getting you some images to enjoy, I’m going to pass these on. I’ve tried to include a variety, senior, toddler, wedding, sisters…! The toddler ones you’re going to love and I would say stay tuned to see that tuto and scarf coming out as a Limited Edition soon! Also, we’ll have a Valentine special posted soon. We can’t forget Valentines! For now..enjoy!