This blog is an extension of my business, Maureen Hartson Photography. The business is an extension of me, Maureen Hartson. I can’t seem to seperate the personal and the business. I’ve decided I dont want to. I like that my family shares in the business, whether it is support, help or just making dinner so I can proof! I like that those who are my clients become my friends.

You did notice that the sub title had something to do with ramblings, right? Cause I ramble. A bit. Not too bad. Most of the time.

Check back frequently as we often post favorite images, favorite people, favorite food..ok..maybe not food.

This is an update:

I’ve been asked to tell more about myself. So…besides the fact that I like “extreme” punctuation (you know the kind with all the …..’s and the !!!!’s), I thought I’d share a few personal things about me that you might not know. It’s highly likely that this may also fall into the category of rambling..but I can’t stop.

1. I won the 5th grade spelling bee championship. The word was “salmon” and my competitor forgot his “l”.

2. My husband is 6 years younger than me. It’s a miracle how we ended up together, a miracle we fell in love and best miracle of all, after 15 years of marriage he is still my favorite person in the whole world!

3. I CANNOT drink out of a glass, cup, straw..nothing if anyone is standing close enough to bump me. Stems from having accidentally hit my best friends arm (while we were in college) while she was drinking from a glass Coke bottle. It knocked her front tooth out.

4. My very best friends in the world, Shannon (who also doubles as my sister, which makes her like..my female version of soul-mate), Cathy, Lucy, Debbie and Lynne are absolutely nothing like me. We are the real life version of the women in Steel Magnolias. I think I’m Weezer. With the exception of my sister/soulmate/friend Shannon, they never read my blog. They are totally NON-interested in what I do. But I forgive them because they keep my feet on the ground, my head from getting too big and are totally NOT high maintenance. They also know all about the most embarasssing moment in my life ever and would likely ruin my life by blackmail if I dumped them.

5. I cry every year when we turn the Christmas tree lights on. I cry when my big, burly husband reads the Christmas story from Luke every Christmas morning. I cry every time I see a gymnast land their jump on the vault.

6. I’m a closet country music listener.

7. I drive a Pontiac Grand Prix GTP with Super Charge Engine. It is red and has burgandy flames across the hood. Don’t ask.

8. I vicariously live through all my children.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Ok… that is GREAT! Soo funny mom. Hahaha. Weexer!! Snort.

  2. FYI….your bff’s are TOTALLY interested in what you do…..we just prefer listening to you in person as you regail us with your life experiences rather than reading them on a blog. We’re givers that way.

  3. haha i thought you were talking about the time you dumped your sno cone all over the place 4 TIMES when you were talking about the drink thingy (lol)_ LOVE YOU!!!

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