Some of you know I have a new assitant/lighting technician/image developer/computer manager etc, etc. As you can tell from his “title” he does a little bit of everything technical.  I thought I’d take a moment to introduce him. He now has his own desk (which somehow managed to be bigger than mine), which I guess makes him official.


See how cool he looks?  He’s young enough that I now feel quite comfortable giving him the running shots..or the party bus rides, and the carry the equipment job. I’m beginning to get used to going to my computer to get some editing done and seeing that he has prepped them for me. As a photographer himself, he can see the light and anticipate what I’m going to need…that is pretty handy.  The one thing he does NOT do, however, is move gracefully. Normally, I am the Ungraceful One, but after this episode, he gets to hold the trophy!

Picture the moment. The bride and groom have just been pronounced husband and wife. They are full of smiles and relief. I have carefully positioned myself and Scott to get a good shot of them beaming as they move by us. As I look through my lens..I am happy because I can see they are smiling..they are moving right into my view and I have locked my focus. It is at that moment, I hear a crash. I take the shot..only to find that the groom, who just moments before was smiling at his lovely bride, is looking with curiosity across the aisle. I peek from behind my camera to see what is happening..and see Scott jumping up and rearranging the chairs,  trying to look cool even though he had just backed into and tripped over a row of chairs! The moment was gone. They had passed me by. Thankfully…Scott managed to get a shot as he was flailing backward. I thought I’d share what I got and let you enjoy the humor as well!


Here you can see something has caught their attention…and it is not each other!


Just in case I didn’t articulate the amount of noise the photographer tripping over the chairs caused…I highlited areas to look at in the above image.  I can’t stop laughing. It’s great! I wish I could have caught him bouncing back up as if nothing had happened! I’m just so very, VERY grateful it was not me. Silly assitant.

Welcome’s gonna be great!!!


~ by maureenhartson on June 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “Scott…”

  1. She definitely emblellished that story a bit.

  2. At least you got an introduction….you don’t get that for organizing files and answering phone calls…for that you get dishes left for you to do.

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