Randi and Luke

It’s hard to believe Randi and Luke have been married over a month now! What a beautiful spring day they had. The weather was perfect and at least from my point of view…everything went as planned! That is not an easy thing to do with a wedding party over 24…not including children! There must have been some careful planning and some effective delegating because even the timeline went as planned! I thought I’d post a few images and let you enjoy their day from my view!

Mcnunigal05092705Everyone knows I love the “Getting Ready” images. Something about the anticipation and the gathering around the special one for the day draws me into their moments. Often it is very busy, everyone running everywhere. Emotions are usually high. Sometimes nerves make for a stressed bride, especially if time is running behind. But as you can see, Randi had it all under control! Even though her hair took her twice as long as she had planned, she was relaxed and enjoying her moments! This image works for me because not only does it capture her beautiful smile, it tells the story of a beautiful and relaxed bride on her wedding morning.



Mcnunigal05093060This image cracks me up! Poor, unsuspecting Randi! Luke just couldn’t resist!





Mcnunigal05093131Do you get the feeling this was a fun group?! Part of photographing weddings, for me anyway, is not just capturing who and where’s, or the lovely details, it is primarily capturing the emotions. I want to look at the images and feel like I can see how they felt. Joy, relief, anticipation are some of the many emotions that bride and grooms feel. They’re not the only emotions though…sometimes there is a just a bit of sorrow as you can see from the image below. Sorrow that a season is ending. Having been a mother of the bride, I recognize that emotion. How can joy, pride and sadness all be wrapped up into one moment? The photographer in me seems to be drawn to that split second when the memories come in like a flood. The moment will pass, the memories will be pushed aside so the here and now can be enjoyed. The image below is that split second where you remember your baby. I’ve experienced this moment as many as you have. But, I can’t look at it for long. It’s just too real.




This is my favorite image from the day! There are so many images I love for a variety of reasons..but this one rings my bell for sure! It’s not easy to get a romantic, beautiful image with 25-27 people around! But it helps when the bride and groom can just forget the crowd and fnd a moment for each other!  Congratulations Randi and Luke! Your day was beautiful, thank you for choosing me to share it with you!!!


~ by maureenhartson on June 17, 2009.

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