Trick or Treaters welcome…!

It’s right around the corner! The day that everyone you see throws candy at your children! You spend an entire hectic week of parties, making pumpkin cut out cookies, buying candy and getting those costumes in tip top shape! I wish I could help..but I think I’m afraid I’m just going to add to the chaos! It’s a good chaos though. Remember..the house will be quiet soon enough..let’s not rush any of it! One thing I still LOVE, is looking back at the pictures of my now adult children, when they would dress up for Halloween and go trick or treating! It still makes me laugh. There were the years of the dud costumes…like the year we dressed Leah up as birthday present. We wrapped a big box..put a big bown on it..cut out holes for the arms and thought we were pretty clever! Until we realized that we made the box too long, so she couldnt bend her knees. Which meant that her dad had to pick her up at every step she came to and carry her (while in box form) up the stairs so she could waddle up to get her candy! But we had some great costumes as well. Fairies, pirates, spiders, princesses, cleopatra’s, furry animals, candy, skeletons and the list goes on and on! I wish I had pictures for every year!

My plan was to do a beautiful set, a food drive..decorate..the whole package. The reality is, we’re supposed to be moving into the new studio this week and I’ve been forced to keep it simple!

So..hopefully the first of many years of photographing our little ones in their adorable make believe costumes, the 31st is the day set to make sure they have the greatest day ever! No appointments are necessary..come when it is convenient for you! Before school, around your preschool times, lunches..after school all will be perfect times! These will literally be just minutes, as I know how crazy this day can be! My plan is to start around 10 UNLESS someone emails or calls and says it will be easier if we’re open earlier. If no one calls..then 10 it is! I will post here the day before to confirm the time we start. We’ll end at 5:30, to give me time to get MY trick or treaters out the door as well! Of course they’ll be candy for the kids, and a great package for the moms!

You must commit to at least one package. The lowest package will start at $35 and include 2 5×7’s and 4 wallets. There will be a couple of other packages to choose from as well as a storyboard. No session fee, no appointment and you can bribe the kids with candy! It’s perfect! Images will go online within 10 days! $35 due at the time you come in and will be applied to your account as a credit.

We’re going to shoot on a simple white backdrop and finish images with just a hint of a Norman Rockwell finish.  4-5 images can be expected. Child must be able to sit upright on the floor, unless mom wants to sit on floor and hold their little one! This is not a family shot, although I’m happy to put all the kids (IF they have costumes on) together in one shot before we shoot some individuals. The goal is to capture the fun on Halloween!

Although no appointment is needed, feel free to drop me an email and let me know you’re coming! I look forward to seeing you!

Here’s Maddy and her adorable clown costume! She’s getting kind of big these days but we’re not ready to quit having our fun yet!


~ by maureenhartson on October 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “Trick or Treaters welcome…!”

  1. It’s not fair! No one should be this cute!

  2. she is soo cute 🙂 omw i loved the costume too!

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