Important Dates…!

We’re getting closer to our big day…Oct. 18th when I take possession of my new studio! Things are moving and the only thing I wished (besides a healthy economy) is for more hours in the day to do all I need to do!

Thankfully, we’re still very busy shooting seniors and weddings.  We’re also making big plans for the upcoming year! Not only will we be moving into the new stuido, but we will be launching our new baby plan..Beautiful Baby.  Besides the baby plan, we have also planned and set the date for some fantastic Limited Edition sessions. Limited Editions are mini  sessions on a specific set design. These sets will only be offered once a year and although they are not intended to take the  place of a full family  or child’s session, you will not want to miss out on these! Here are some dates for you to mark on your calendar. Images from promotions will be shown as we get closer to the dates!

Oct. 31 – Trick or Treaters Turn!  All day we’ll be accepting walk ins for your little Trick or Treaters! No need to make an appointment! Bring your little one ready any time after 9 and we’ll take 3-6 images of them in their costume! Images will be finished in a Norman Rockwell style.  Age recommendation is 7 months through school age child. Infants are not recommended as they are not able to sit up yet. What this is a family session! But it IS going to be a great way to get a great image of your little one, or ones! If you have more than one child, I’m happy to do one image of them all together.  Packages will begin at $35. More details by the end of the week!

Nov. 1  1-5 – Grand Opening! If you can make it please do! You’ll love the new studio! Stop and say hello, take a look around (bring your children as we LOVE for them to come and see us and remember how much fun we’ve had! Not to mention they’ll want to hit the cupcake and candy table!), and get your free gift bag! You can also sign up for the free door prizes we’ll be giving away! You wont need to be there to win..just to sign up!

Nov.6-8 – Family Days! Family Days are here by request! Since up until now, I have been strictly on location, I’ve resisted doing much studio styled family portraits. I pretty much only accepted lifestyle full family sessions. As much as I love lifestyle work, I have wanted to be more flexible in what I am able to offer. SO..having the studio pretty much opened this opportunity up for me! On these 3 days, Thurs-Sun, you can bring your family in for a mini session. A few shots of the family together, and a few of the individuals. Again, it is not a good substitute for a family session, but it is a GREAT opportunity to get all the family together and get that shot at the end of the year! These will be back in time for Holiday giving and especially for those who want to take advantage of our custom cards! Packages will start as low as $65.00 and details will be given soon! Next week we will begin accepting appointments, so watch for the details at the end of the week!

Nov. 13-14 – I Love a Snowday! One of my favorite sets! Think, white trees, snow, lamppost! This is another set designed for young children to enjoy! The recommendation is for white or cream colored clothing..casual or dressy will look fabulous as well as capes, coats..etc. Images will look more like a fantasy snow world and packages will start at $65.00! Details coming!

January 5-16th – Lace and Denim, What’s Your Sexy? These two weeks only we’ll be launching our portrait parties for the ladies! Just in time for your prints, books and slideshows to be finished in time for your hubby’s best Valentines Day ever! This is  going to be a fabulous opportunity to not only make a wonderful gift for your husband but to do that in an environment surrounded by your closest friends and sisters! It takes one hostess who can invite up to 10 of her married friends and sisters. I’ll provide the invitations, she’ll provide the food..and the laughter and fun will just happen! Every woman is sexy..although not every woman’s sexy is the same! To some it might be the biker boots and and another it might be her husband’s favorite jersey! Use your imagination and I’ll be sure to throw in ideas to get you started! Hostesses will earn credit towards their own purchases. It will be a great evening for you and your friends. Write down the dates and watch for details!

January 22-23 – Teddy Bear Parade! Do you have a toddler or a even a little one who just started sitting? You are going to love this. Crocheted teddy bear hats and a parade of  vintage teddy bears, and bare skin. How adorable!

January 29 -30th – Be Mine! You are going to LOVE this! Bring your little one in, especially school aged children, we’ll take their images and create the most adorable little cards for your little Valentines that you’ve ever seen! They will have the BEST and most unique cards in their class!

Also coming soon will be our Beautiful Girl and Beautiful Boy programs. We don’t want to stop seeing them when they graduate from Beautiful Baby! So we’ll be introducing our child’s program!

Ok..those dates will take us through the next few months! Please spread the word!

Now..what you all like to see is pictures..and I’m very behind! Here are a few senior pics of Holly as well as some of my favorites of John and Jessica, two lawyers getting ready to be married! Their images were taken at the beautiful Law Quad in Ann Arbor! Enjoy!


~ by maureenhartson on October 6, 2008.

2 Responses to “Important Dates…!”

  1. Oh, What wonderful sessions you are offering. West Virginia is too far away! I hope every one of these sessions is a success and cannot wait to see the studio myself.

  2. I am so excited for you and the studio!! Can’t wait to see it! CONGRATS!!!!

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