Sleep deprived…

…that’s my excuse for forgetting to tell you what the handbag promotion is! I, like most of you, work all day. But that just covers the basic, so about 10pm, I start working on proofing, editing, ordering..etc. Since this is the busy time of year, that job is taking me into…well..lets just say much longer than someone my age should be up staring at computers! If I start to doze off during your session..just throw some water on me and I’ll be fine!

On the serious side..I am VERY thankful for a business that is busy and getting busier!

Ok…the bag promotion! Until November 26th, you have the opportunity to purchase your bags at a discount. You’re going to have to think Christmas gift giving here! You know YOU want one…and you know your mom will want one…and your sister will want one, and your mother in-law will want one. So just for you and just for this time pricing will be as follows:

Purchase 1 Handbag – Regular Price

Purchase any 2 Handbags, both at 25% off

Purchase any 3 Handbags, all at 30% off

Purchase any 4 Handbags, all at 35% off

Purchase any 5 or more Handbags, all at 40%

Purchase any Collection and buy additional bags at 40% off (for sessions dated between Oct. 15 and November 21)

There you go! I’ve just made your shopping MUCH easier!

We still have a few possible weekday appointments available in November for full sessions. Think tea party in the woods for your little girl..tractor in a field for your little boys. Some individual attention for each of your children, your family portrait, your full session is perfect for these things. Why not close your year with a session hi-lighting your family?

If you’ve already had your session this year, or can’t pull everyone together, then the Mini Sessions are still available! 20 minute session resulting in 8-10 images for you to have in time for the Holidays. These are being booked already so call soon for the best times!


~ by maureenhartson on October 17, 2007.

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