My Hannah…

My first born..I loved her when I was just a child. If you’re a mom, you know what I mean. I dreamt about her while I was growing up. Who would my first child be? What would their name be? As I went through the teen years, I would wonder what names I would choose. When the time finally came that I knew I was ready to journey down the path towards motherhood..I remember waiting each month to see if it had finally “happened”. I would walk around wondering if I was finally a mother! This was 22 years ago, mind you! Home pregnancy tests were not quite as sensitive as they are now, and you usually couldnt find out until you were about 8 weeks. In fact, they were not the “sticks” that are available today. They were glass vials that had to be mixed!! haha! I’m making myself feel very old! I only had to wait about 7 months to get the positive sign. I found that I LOVED being pregnant. Loved it. Loved it so much in fact that I went 21 days overdue! But finally she arrived..and she has been such a joy to our family ever since. I am so happy for her as she moves into a new direction in her life. I am so sad for me.

When I agreed to do some engagement pics for her and Ben, I wasn’t sure how to capture them. She’s my daughter so it’s a little…wierd. But in the end..I shot them as I know them. They are happy. They enjoy each others’ company. She makes him laugh…and he makes her crazy. In a good way of course! So here are a few..I’ll shoot them this Fall and this Winter as well. I’m bringing in the big guns to do the wedding photos, though! I’ll just stand on the sidelines and shoot when noone’s looking!



I think he’s secretly attracted to her big mess of brown hair, myself.



I’m not exactly sure what he’s saying to her, but she wouldnt make eye contact with me. Talk about awkward.





~ by maureenhartson on October 13, 2007.

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  1. Wow mom, you love me? – H

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