Say “I Do”

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Let us photograph your wedding. Creating sweet memories is our passion.

You’ve waited your whole life for this day. The tears will dry, and the flowers will fade but your wedding photos will last forever. Let us capture the magic, emotion, and tradition of this day with great care.

Mark memorable wedding photos off your list by calling us at 989-720-9658.

You’ve got enough to try on!


Holiday Cards!

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I can’t believe it’s time to start thinking about our Christmas cards..but here we are! With Family Mini Sessions coming up next week, I thought I’d post some of the beautiful card choices we will be offering! They are absolutely gorgeous and I’m sure you will be thrilled with them!







Family Mini Sessions!

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Due to popular request..I have decided to add in a day of Family Mini Sessions! I had not planned this as I had not heard many requesting it. Of course..after I decided not to..the phone began to ring! So..November 21st..will be our chosen day. I am planning on doing these outside at the park near us. Barring rain..even cooler weather will be acceptable. Think corduroy jackets, hats! Although the leaves have fallen..they are still on the ground! Bare trees in the background does not mean drab pictures! I actually love the textures that bare trees bring!

Sessions will be 20-25 minutes and the plan will be to do whatever we can in that time! Sessions will be $50 and we will offer card packages as well as print packages. Pricing will have our special Family Mini pricing so this is a perfect time to get those Christmas Cards or prints for family gifts! Sessions will be for a family of 5. Families over 5 are $10 extra each person. If you missed that family session this year, this is a perfect opportunity to bring your family in! In your 20 minutes we will capture as much as we can. Pictures of the children, pictures of the family..some together, some seperate! No clothing changes are allowed and in the event of rain..we come back to the studio..but that is not going to happen. It’s going to be a glorious day and great fun for everyone!!

Give the studio a call at 989.720.9658 or email at  for your appointment time!




Well…time flies when you’re working!

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I think I am going to have to schedule “blog” time right up there with..shooting time, editing time, family time, and all the other times that I need! Since I have been much less active here, I feel the need to reassure you that YES!, it is because I am busy working!! I’m getting ready to post our Family Mini Sessions, but thought I’d give you a sample of some of what we’ve been doing! Dont forget to check us out on Facebook. Maureen Hartson Photography is our group name. I seem to be able to get images up a little quicker there!




















Back to School Picture Days!

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Have you even been just a bit disappointed with your children’s school pictures?! Have you ever thought..why black and purple backdrops?! We’re offering our first Back to School Picture Days just for you! Outside at the park (weather permitting!), natural setting, natural smiles and portrait quality images! Complete with school picture pricing!

October 2nd and 3rd are our chosen dates to celebrate the 2009 Fall season!  Schedule your preschool-11th grader and you’ll be able to have those school pictures done in aprox 10 minutes and have 4-5 choices for your package! Package pricing is  Package A- 2 5×7’s and 4 wallets – $30, Package B- 1 8×10, 2-5×7’s and 8 wallets $45, and Package C – 4  5×7’s and 16 wallets $60! This is our lowest print pricing of the season. Special pricing available for 11×14’s as well as additional 5×7’s, 8×10’s and wallets!

Additional discounts apply to those who are members of our Beautiful Child Program!$30 is required to book your appointment and is applied to your account as a print credit. Your pictures will be provided on your own online gallery for you to view and share with family and friends. You’ll enjoy being able to choose the picture for your picture package as well as any additional prints you might like!

Call the studio at 9899.720.9658 for availability and I expect that we will fill our times quickly! Look back for announcement of our Fall and Winter Limited Editions!



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Some of you know I have a new assitant/lighting technician/image developer/computer manager etc, etc. As you can tell from his “title” he does a little bit of everything technical.  I thought I’d take a moment to introduce him. He now has his own desk (which somehow managed to be bigger than mine), which I guess makes him official.


See how cool he looks?  He’s young enough that I now feel quite comfortable giving him the running shots..or the party bus rides, and the carry the equipment job. I’m beginning to get used to going to my computer to get some editing done and seeing that he has prepped them for me. As a photographer himself, he can see the light and anticipate what I’m going to need…that is pretty handy.  The one thing he does NOT do, however, is move gracefully. Normally, I am the Ungraceful One, but after this episode, he gets to hold the trophy!

Picture the moment. The bride and groom have just been pronounced husband and wife. They are full of smiles and relief. I have carefully positioned myself and Scott to get a good shot of them beaming as they move by us. As I look through my lens..I am happy because I can see they are smiling..they are moving right into my view and I have locked my focus. It is at that moment, I hear a crash. I take the shot..only to find that the groom, who just moments before was smiling at his lovely bride, is looking with curiosity across the aisle. I peek from behind my camera to see what is happening..and see Scott jumping up and rearranging the chairs,  trying to look cool even though he had just backed into and tripped over a row of chairs! The moment was gone. They had passed me by. Thankfully…Scott managed to get a shot as he was flailing backward. I thought I’d share what I got and let you enjoy the humor as well!


Here you can see something has caught their attention…and it is not each other!


Just in case I didn’t articulate the amount of noise the photographer tripping over the chairs caused…I highlited areas to look at in the above image.  I can’t stop laughing. It’s great! I wish I could have caught him bouncing back up as if nothing had happened! I’m just so very, VERY grateful it was not me. Silly assitant.

Welcome’s gonna be great!!!

Randi and Luke

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It’s hard to believe Randi and Luke have been married over a month now! What a beautiful spring day they had. The weather was perfect and at least from my point of view…everything went as planned! That is not an easy thing to do with a wedding party over 24…not including children! There must have been some careful planning and some effective delegating because even the timeline went as planned! I thought I’d post a few images and let you enjoy their day from my view!

Mcnunigal05092705Everyone knows I love the “Getting Ready” images. Something about the anticipation and the gathering around the special one for the day draws me into their moments. Often it is very busy, everyone running everywhere. Emotions are usually high. Sometimes nerves make for a stressed bride, especially if time is running behind. But as you can see, Randi had it all under control! Even though her hair took her twice as long as she had planned, she was relaxed and enjoying her moments! This image works for me because not only does it capture her beautiful smile, it tells the story of a beautiful and relaxed bride on her wedding morning.



Mcnunigal05093060This image cracks me up! Poor, unsuspecting Randi! Luke just couldn’t resist!





Mcnunigal05093131Do you get the feeling this was a fun group?! Part of photographing weddings, for me anyway, is not just capturing who and where’s, or the lovely details, it is primarily capturing the emotions. I want to look at the images and feel like I can see how they felt. Joy, relief, anticipation are some of the many emotions that bride and grooms feel. They’re not the only emotions though…sometimes there is a just a bit of sorrow as you can see from the image below. Sorrow that a season is ending. Having been a mother of the bride, I recognize that emotion. How can joy, pride and sadness all be wrapped up into one moment? The photographer in me seems to be drawn to that split second when the memories come in like a flood. The moment will pass, the memories will be pushed aside so the here and now can be enjoyed. The image below is that split second where you remember your baby. I’ve experienced this moment as many as you have. But, I can’t look at it for long. It’s just too real.




This is my favorite image from the day! There are so many images I love for a variety of reasons..but this one rings my bell for sure! It’s not easy to get a romantic, beautiful image with 25-27 people around! But it helps when the bride and groom can just forget the crowd and fnd a moment for each other!  Congratulations Randi and Luke! Your day was beautiful, thank you for choosing me to share it with you!!!